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I would like to announce that I've released v1.0.1 of my project 'dogfood' [1].
Dogfood is a srlua alternative for creating self running Lua programs.

The main points where dogfood differs from srlua are;
- One self containing executable.
- Can embed multiple (non-binary) Lua modules in one executable.
- No support for Lua 5.1 and older.

The dogfood executable has two parts; the 'dog' part containing the interpreter and the 'food' part which is a Lua script that is executed by the 'dog' part.
When creating a self running Lua program, the food part extracts the interpreter (the dog part) from itself and then glues your Lua modules against it.
This tool owes its name because of the reuse of its interpreter for the resulting program.

Building dogfood should be straightforward but requires boostrapping to join the dog and food parts. The provided makefile will do the bootstrap for you.
However in case you have your own build environment, there are bootstrap shell scripts for Windows and Unix like systems as well.

-- Jasper Klein