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>>>>> "Roberto" == Roberto Ierusalimschy <> writes:

 >> Has it been checked whether the 5.4 bug regarding shrinking a
 >> just-grown stack also exists in 5.3, because my superficial reading
 >> of the code suggests that it does?

 Roberto> I guess you are talking about this macro:

 Roberto>     #define checkstackp(L,n,p)  \
 Roberto>       luaD_checkstackaux(L, n, \
 Roberto>         ptrdiff_t t__ = savestack(L, p);  /* save 'p' */ \
 Roberto>         luaC_checkGC(L),  /* stack grow uses memory */ \
 Roberto>         p = restorestack(L, t__))  /* 'pos' part: restore 'p' */

 Roberto> What separates the macro arguments is the comma, not the
 Roberto> semicolon. So, the call to luaC_checkGC is done before the
 Roberto> stack reallocation.

Aha. Yes, that explains it.