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>>>>> "Andrew" == Andrew Gierth <> writes:

 Andrew> So this one seems to be something corrupting the gray lists, if
 Andrew> I understand the logic correctly.

 Andrew> What's happening is that a value (in this case a C closure) is
 Andrew> being pushed on the stack and then immediately freed because
 Andrew> the current thread stack is not being marked (which ought to be
 Andrew> happening in the atomic() call, but a breakpoint on
 Andrew> traversethread() was not hit). I think this can only happen if
 Andrew> the current thread is marked gray (it is) but not actually
 Andrew> linked into any gray list...

Getting somewhere. An object (table) is ending up on the grayagain list
(after the atomic phase of a generational step) while still new; it's
still in that list when sweepgen sees it, which clears it to white
without removing it from the list. A subsequent barrier call then sees
it as white and turns it gray, adding it to the (empty) gray list, at
which point everything _else_ that was on grayagain just got dropped on
the floor, and this includes the main thread.