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On 13/07/2020 02:59, Scott Morgan wrote:
On 12/07/2020 21:04, Milind Gupta wrote:
How can I emulate the python encode function?
Why does that work on the windows cmd and utf8.codepoint does not?

tl;dr CMD.EXE isn't fully UTF8 compliant. No idea what tricks Python is
pulling (recoding from a local codepage? Possible if you didn't chcp
65001 first)

As far as far I remember, cmd.exe has no UTF-8 support at all (besides that MS effort for Win10 you quote below - BTW, thanks, I didn't know anything about that - I'm still on Win7 most of the time).

cmd.exe can run in UTF-16 compliant mode, but no UTF-8 processing. CHCP 65001 code page only changes the code page and thus some console handling for console applications (that anyway must do the right thing).

cmd.exe /is/ a console application, but doesn't handle UTF-8, i.e. it doesn't do the right thing.

See this:

and this SO answer in particular:

AFAIK, this is the last word on the issue:
The current changes also don’t cover what is required for our “processed input mode” that presents an editable input line for applications like CMD.exe.