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On Sun, Jul 12, 2020 at 3:25 AM Francisco Olarte <> wrote:
> PDF is using a times variant for text, courier for code.

>From one who was a typographer for 20+ years before a career change,
then retirement:

Your issues with the fonts are real. Times variants are all designed
for newspaper use in narrow columns. They look horrible in longer
measure columns. Courier (a typewriter font) has not been widely
available since the onset of the daisy-wheel printer. You're
undoubtedly looking at something like Courier New, which was
introduced at that time. The original Courier was quite a bit bolder
than Courier New. The thinner replacement was necessary because
daisy-wheel printers could not supply sufficient impact to print the
bolder original Courier crisply.

Courier New is a font that should have died when the daisy-wheel
printer did, but survives largely because Microsoft wooden-headedly
persists in shipping it with Windows. And people without a
typographical eye persist in using both CG Times and Courier New

There are fonts that are versatile enough to be used in a wide variety
of situations, e.g., for a serif font, GeoSlab Medium BT.
But until such time as Microsoft decides to ship one of them, we'll
undoubtedly have to view an overwhelmingly  inappropriate use of

Best regards,

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