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From: "Dibyendu Majumdar"<>
Date: Sun, Jul 12, 2020 06:19 AM
To: "Lua mailing list"<>;
Subject: [ANN] Suravi 1.0 Beta4a release

[Suravi]( aims to be a
small distribution of Lua ( and Ravi
( with batteries included.
The packages included in this release are:

* Ravi (MIR JIT enabled on Linux)
* luafilesystem
* lua-protobuf
* luasocket
* lpeglabel
* torch7
* torch7-nn
* torch7-optim
* torch7-autograd
* torch7-cephes
* penlight
* moses
* lua-cjson
* luv (libuv binding)


Ravi has been updated to version 1.0 Beta4. This update of Ravi brings
following benefits:
* Bug fixes to 'defer' statement implementation
* Generational Garbage Collector back-ported from Lua 5.4
* New random number generator back-ported from Lua 5.4
* Various updates to MIR JIT backend

* The best way to get Suravi is to obtain it as a docker image. Try this:

docker pull redukti/suravi:latest
docker run --rm -it redukti/suravi:latest

Alternatively, a Windows binary package is included in the release. Please see:


One of the goals of Suravi is to evolve towards an integrated system
of libraries, with unified documentation. This is work in progress,
but you can view the latest documentation at

All feedback welcome!