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On Wed, 8 Jul 2020 at 10:58, Andrew Gierth <> wrote:
> >>>>> "Rui" == Rui Zhong <> writes:
>  Rui> READ of size 4 at 0x60200000014c thread T0
>  Rui>     #0 0x40e7ca in getobjname (/home/yongheng/lua_asan/lua+0x40e7ca)
>  Rui>     #1 0x40ec98 in varinfo (/home/yongheng/lua_asan/lua+0x40ec98)
>  Rui>     #2 0x411575 in luaG_typeerror (/home/yongheng/lua_asan/lua+0x411575)
>  Rui>     #3 0x4138bc in luaD_tryfuncTM (/home/yongheng/lua_asan/lua+0x4138bc)
> So the problem here seems to be that the current CallInfo is that of
> some Lua function, and where the garbage collector was run before any
> savepc() operation (to be precise, from an OP_NEWTABLE opcode). The GC
> then tried to call the __gc metamethod of an object, got the "coroutine"
> table rather than a function, tried to get a __call metamethod from
> that, got nil, and tried to throw an error. Because varinfo thinks that
> it was a Lua function that caused the error, it tries to look at the
> bytecode to see where the value came from, and reads from before the
> start of the bytecode because savedpc still points to the first opcode
> (it tries to read the opcode at savedpc-1).

Hey Andrew, your debugging skills are amazing!