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>>>>> "Rui" == Rui Zhong <> writes:

 Rui> 0x6160000017e8 at pc 0x000000414661 bp 0x7ffd48797200 sp 0x7ffd487971f0
 Rui> WRITE of size 1 at 0x6160000017e8 thread T0
 Rui>     #0 0x414660 in luaD_pretailcall (/home/yongheng/lua_asan/lua+0x414660)

So this seems to be a rather fundamental issue in checkstackGC; it
ensures that there's stack space beyond L->top for the specified number
of entries, reallocating the stack if need be, but then it possibly
performs a garbage collection, and the garbage collector can and will
_immediately shrink the stack down again_. This can (and in this case
does) undo the stack growth that was just done, and so the
argument-completion loop in pretailcall stomps off the end of the stack.

Maybe something should have been assigning to ci->top before allowing
the GC to run, to protect the newly-allocated stack entries?