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> > I am afraid I didn't ask what I wanted :-)  What I meant was to print
> > the value of 'numbuff' in 'addnum2buff' (not 'buff'); that is the value
> > that becomes 'buff' in 'tostringbuff'. Better still if you could print
> > both values ('numbuff' and 'buff' in 'addnum2buff').
> [lua-5.4.0 08:07] ./src/lua -e "tostring(1.0)"
> buff: 0x7ffe557f6140, numbuff: 0x7ffe557f6150
> Bus error (core dumped)


That is one more point in favor of a compiler bug. After this print,
numbuff is simply passed as an argument to tostringbuff, and suddenly
its value changes from 0x7ffe557f6150 (or 0x7fffffffd850, in the trace
you sent earlier) to 0x3ff0000000000000.

-- Roberto