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On Wed Jul  1 04:03:56 2020, Eretnek Hippi =?UTF-8?b?TWVzc2nDoXM=?= <> wrote:
> hi there! :)
hi there, too!

> does `env LC_ALL=C ./lua -e "tostring(1.0)"` work?

I am able to reproduce the crash.
Also on archlinux.
I also thought it might be a locale issue.
I localized my system to de_DE where decimals are seperated by semicolon (1,1 instead of 1.1)
So I already tested LC_ALL="C" which unfortunately also crashes:

$ ./src/lua -e "tostring(1.0)"
zsh: bus error (core dumped)  ./src/lua -e "tostring(1.0)"

$ LC_ALL="C" ./src/lua -e "tostring(1.0)"
zsh: bus error (core dumped)  LC_ALL="C" ./src/lua -e "tostring(1.0)"