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On Tue, Jun 30, 2020 at 4:35 PM Andrew Gierth <> wrote:
Stack usage remains a _major_ concern for those of us working in
environments where space is more limited. I am having to resort to
measuring the size of the luaV_execute stack frame at runtime
initialization in order to set a C stack limit small enough to ensure
that Lua code can't blow up the environment.

I commented on stack use on Windows, if you can't afford to grow the stack allocation from 1MB to 2MB your system does not have enough memory to begin with. I work on "embedded" Windows 10 systems, they get unstable if memory is that tight. If you're running Lua on a small system (e.g. an ARM Cortex-M4 or M7) you definitely have to limit stack use, or the stack will go out of bounds with typically ugly results.