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>>>>> "Gé" == Gé Weijers <> writes:

 Gé> BTW: I've built Lua with link time optimization on Linux many
 Gé> times, and this problem does not occur, even if you set
 Gé> LUAI_MAXCSTACK to 10000.

This is because stack limits on linux (and other unix-style systems)
usually default to massive values compared to windows; for example on my
freebsd amd64 system the default limit is 512MB, and even on my 32-bit
arm system it is 32MB.

Link time optimization (or just building from a single source file) does
(at least in my tests) increase the stack usage because more code is
inlined into luaV_execute, requiring more stack temporaries. (And in
some tests a speedup on the order of 20%)

Stack usage remains a _major_ concern for those of us working in
environments where space is more limited. I am having to resort to
measuring the size of the luaV_execute stack frame at runtime
initialization in order to set a C stack limit small enough to ensure
that Lua code can't blow up the environment.