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The packages mtmsg/mtstates/mtint are only small building blocks to build up

Thank you for your notes. I really like the concept of small orthogonal building blocks for obvious reasons.

One question: it seems llthreads2 does support Lua 5.3? and is it going to support Lua 5.4?
From the description on GitHub this is not clear. I can read that it does not support Lua 5.0, and then I can guess that it does support 5.1 and 5.2 from the description of some folder.
(the other all-in-one library, LuaLanes, seems to support all Lua versions)

I started my first multi threading experiments using LuaLanes. However I wanted
to have something more basic. Then I discovered llthreads2 [1] which does only

Can you elaborate more on why LuaLanes was not the right choice?
(complexity of APIs, functionality, performance, or other)

mtstates [4] is something I haven't found in other libraries: it is similar to
Rings [5], but allows the created Lua states to be passed to other threads, i.e.

Thank you very much. This is really helpful. Let me recap to see if I understand correctly:
- Rings allow slave states to be created from a master state, basically a way to implement remote procedure calls, and there is the possibility to exchange date between master and slaves. There seem to be no mechanism for thread safety, no mutex. So the slave state can only be used in one thread.
- Mstates allow states to be created, and thread safety is guaranteed by mutex, so they can really be passed to one or more other threads.

Thank you very much for your comments and notes. 


Andrea Vitali