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I forgot to mention that the Lua 5.3 distribution in Suravi has
following interesting (to me at least!) changes:

* 'defer' statement is available
* The enhanced Lua parser can skip Ravi annotations, thus allowing Lua
to execute Ravi scripts. Ravi library extensions are not available
yet, but I hope to add a compatibility library in the future.


On Sat, 18 Jan 2020 at 23:36, Dibyendu Majumdar <> wrote:
> Suravi ( is a small
> distribution of Ravi/Lua 5.3 with batteries such as cjson, lpeglabel,
> luasocket, moses, penlight, torch7, luv, luaossl. I am pleased to
> announce that a new release 0.6 alpha is available
> (
> The goal of Suravi is to create a harmonious set of batteries for
> Ravi/Lua 5.3. This goal is not yet achieved, as the libraries included
> have some overlapping functionality, and some key areas are not yet
> covered. However a start has been made to unify the documentation
> here:
> I am also pleased to announce that a Docker image for Suravi (with
> Ravi) is now available, and if you have Docker installed then this is
> the easiest way to try out Suravi.
> docker pull redukti/suravi:latest
> docker run --rm -it redukti/suravi:latest
> Important Changes in this release:
> * Ravi now uses the MIR JIT backend on Linux systems. This is a major
> step forward for Ravi as MIR is a really small but high performance
> JIT backend.
> * All dependency on 'ffi' has been removed. 'ffi' was a source of
> instability in Suravi; and several Torch libraries relied on it. I am
> pleased to say that after some effort the use of ffi has been
> eliminated. As a result the luaffi library has been dropped.
> There is considerable work that remains to be done. It takes
> significant effort to test all the libraries and then fix issues on
> the three supported platforms - Win64, Linux and Mac OSX. This is
> partly why Suravi only includes a small set of libraries.
> Right now binaries are not distributed except as a Docker image. Win64
> binaries will be added in the next few days.
> I would welcome any help or feedback from the Lua community in improving Suravi.
> Regards
> Dibyendu