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On Dec 31, 2019, at 3:37 PM, Sven Olsen <> wrote:

> Glad to see the code used by other people -- as I recall, getting the register handling right took some effort -- and from my reading (but not testing) of the patches you've been posting, that part of the logic still survives in your more modern incarnation.

I _think_ I have that right (or right enough) now. VINDEXED has three new siblings (to make up for the loss of the K flag I think..?) but I came up with test code that uses each and tweaked things until it compiled to the same bytecode as doing the assignment the long way.

> Are you planning to update the Lua Power Patches wiki page?

Did that this afternoon, finally! I debated adding you to the Author credit since a lot of it is your code, but didn’t want you to catch any blame for anything that’s wrong with it. :)