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You might be interested in trying out my "UTF-8 identifiers patch",
which I posted about in the list:

It's not quite satisfactory (it probably should normalize, and allow
ZWNJ and ZWJ in certain positions; see,
but it's an improvement over simply allowing all non-ASCII bytes in
identifiers, and it didn't greatly inflate the binary.

— Gabriel

On Thu, Oct 24, 2019 at 11:55 PM bil til <> wrote:
> Do you possibly consider to allow value/variable names encoded UTF8 in lua?
> (of course still NOT allowed to start with a number, and of course still NO
> operator signs as +#-*/... must be used for such a name string ... but that
> any "wider" UTF8 chars would be allowed?)
> This for sure would be VERY nice for very many users in Asia... . (The
> Europeans with their crazy languages usually have always workarounds to
> write their crazy letters in English, but even those users would like this,
> I think).
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