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hi there! :)

lua folks dont bite :)

+1 for linux, that helps much to improve urself, and when ull catch
up, u will feel a huge extra power under ur fingers! :D

i think for an easy start, u could try to make a dualboot, so u can
switch between linux and win. its basically a matter of partitioning,
and i think is a friendly distro in every sense, as
well as to start with. it is a good lesson to learn the depths of
partitioning, but u can even pm me for help, in case of need...

btw u could check out zerobrane studio, its really nice, but i dont
use it actually, cuz im making my own engine for everything...

+1 to this as well:
„I love the language and think Dr. Roberto Ierusalimschy is a genius,
though, because I think that minimalism is the key to reliability in
human designs.”

bests! :)