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I'm current write a lua perftool like gperftools, it use signals call back to set lua hook by lua_sethook, and in the hook function get the lua call stack by lua_getinfo and save it, because some lua C API running in signals call back can cause crash.
and in pure lua program it runs well.
but sometimes the program may like this:

while (true)

when the signals trigged, it may running in C native code "do_something_2()",  and in the hook function I get the lua info will be the "lua_main", it is not correct.
so I used an ugly code like:

static void SignalHandler(int sig, siginfo_t *sinfo, void *ucontext)
    // L-nny == 0 && L-nCcalls == 0
    unsigned short nny = *(unsigned short *)((char*)L+196);
    unsigned short nCcalls = *(unsigned short *)((char*)L+198);
    if (nny == 0 && nCcalls == 0)
    lua_sethook(gL, SignalHandlerHook, LUA_MASKCOUNT, 1);

so is there a C API can check VM is running?
ps, my code is in

Zhao Xin