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Hi list,

Announcing version 3.2.1 of LuaRocks, the Lua package manager.
You can find all links at
— source packages for all supported platforms and binaries for
Windows and Linux x86-64 are available.

This is a bugfix release, fixing various issues reported by the
userbase. A lot of work went to push this release. Main fixes:

* fix installation of LuaRocks via rockspec (`make bootstrap` and
`luarocks install`): correct a problem in the initialization of the
luarocks.fs module and its interaction with the cfg module.
* fix luarocks build --pack-binary-rock --no-doc
* fix luarocks build --branch
* luarocks init: fix Lua wrapper for interactive mode
* fix compatibility issues with command add-ons loaded via
luarocks.cmd.external modules
* correct override of config values via CLI flags

A very special thanks to everyone who reported issues: François
Perrad, Sean Conner, Daniel Hahler, Tomás Guisasola.

This release contains commits by Paul Ouellette, Daurnimator and myself.

Sorry about inconveniences caused by release 3.2.0, and thank you all
for the feedback.

-- Hisham