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It was thus said that the Great Soni They/Them L. once stated:
> I'm just gonna leave this here maybe...
> table.insert(package.searchers, function(name)
>     if os.getenv(name) then
>         local f, err = load(os.getenv(name), "=" .. name)
>         if not f then error("error loading module from environment 
> variable " .. string.format("%q\n\t%s", name, err), 0) end
>         return f, name
>     else
>         return "\n\tno environment variable " .. string.format('%q', 
> name)
>     end
> end)
> local rce = require("QUERY_STRING")

  Nice!  My replacement for require() [1] even works with it:

"QUERY_STRING"                         table: 0x9a99ce8
"lpeg"                                 table: 0x9aa5500
"org.conman.fsys"                      table: 0x9aa1318
"org.conman.sys"                       table: 0x9ab4ce8
"org.conman.syslog"                    table: 0x9a9fee0
"org.conman.table"                     table: 0x9af8e68
"org.flummux.keys"                     table: 0x9a980d8
"org.flummux.luaview"                  table: 0x9afa4b8
"org.flummux.luaview.viewfunc"         table: 0x9aeb1d8
"org.flummux.luaview.viewtab"          table: 0x9af9d38
"org.flummux.tty"                      table: 0x9a9bc10
"org.flummux.ttycore"                  table: 0x9aa53a8
"org.flummux.xdg"                      table: 0x9ab5088


1                                      5
2                                      "QUERY_STRING"

  -spc (Just ignore some of those modules, they're still a work in progress)

[1]	Sent in a previous email.