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It was thus said that the Great Abhijit Nandy once stated:
> So why aren't the paths from where the modules are loaded, simply kept in a
> table mapped to the module name?

  Because not all Lua modules have a path.  Aside from the builtin modules
like io or table, it is possible to modify the module system to load modules
not on the filesystem.  At work, I have a custom Lua interpreter that embeds
all the Lua modules we need into a single Lua executable.  This includes
modules written in C and Lua [1].  There is no path for these modules.

  Then I played around with an idea to load Lua modules directly from a zip
file [2][3].  What's the path for these?  That of the zip file?  It doesn't
make sense.




[3]	It kind of worked, in that I could load and run Lua modules written
	in Lua directly from the zip file, but not those written in C.