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Well... Changing Lua version at this stage of the project is quite difficult.
It is very possible that there is a bug in my code and not in Lua, and in any case I have found my solution (check the return of the first pcall).

However I want to better understand how Lua works, hence the question.

According to the language spec, what are the cases that the Lua state may become undetermined/corrupt/broken/etc? Are there cases that I sould not call another function, or that calling lua_close is illegal?

Στις Τετ, 10 Απρ 2019 στις 2:57 μ.μ., ο/η Luiz Henrique de Figueiredo <> έγραψε:
> I am using Lua 5.2.2.

I suggest you upgrade to Lua 5.2.4, which is the last release of Lua
5.2. I'm not sure it'll fix your issue but it'll be one less thing to