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On 8 Apr 2019, at 12:44, Luiz Henrique de Figueiredo <> wrote:

I am new to Lua. Will you be pushing the most recent version of the
library to luarocks, or is it recommended that the library be installed

I wish I knew how to write rockspecs for my libraries so that I could
upload them to LuaRocks. I've asked for help here but I could not
understand the replies. I've attached what I have done, but I'm not
sure it works.

It’s simpler than that. Leave the make stuff out of there, and LuaRocks will figure out the platform specifics (since Windows users have most trouble with Make anyway). Most of your modules are on LuaRocks anyway, and you can find the existing rock specs there ( )

Attached the simplified version, aligned with the previous versions as they live on LuaRocks. I think Hisham used to upload those and used the file-dates as the version number.

@hisham: dunno who owns the account they live under, but can you add this one?


Attachment: lcomplex-20180728-1.rockspec
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