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I have zero knowlegde about LPEG internals.

BUT dont you think there is some beauty is having 0,1 signal ( matched , not matched ( nil ) ) ?

Even if personally I would  really love it if LPEG had more functions to do more complicated stuff. Its simplicity is what drew me towards it.

If it was more complicated than that, as a new user I might have not used LPEG.

Now that I am more comfortable with LPEG constructs it makes sense to find out more complicated error handling.

IMO it should happen at a library level - as in module written on top of LPEG. If nobody has done it properly then that is just a lack of sufficient demand from the rest of the community.

My biggest issue is lack of good example docs - which I hope to someday fix, once I deal with my own problems.

Just my opinion which shouldn't be taken seriously.

best wishes,