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Hi - Is this the right place to ask a LuaRocks question?  I’ve been trying to build various lua dlls using LuaRocks – for Lua5.3 and the VC runtime for Visual Studio 2017 (VCRUNTIME140.DLL).   I downloaded and tried to follow the instructions.  I had one folder for the luawinmulti-master stuff and another target folder to build into.   I opened the Visual Studio 2017 Tools Command Prompt (where hopefully all the paths etc are set up as needed) and in the luawinmulti-master folder ran


MAKE --53 install “D:\My\Lua”


to build into the target folder.  I set up environment variables as instructed (I think – not sure what the ‘rocktree’ references are about).  Still in the same command shell I ran


·         luarocks53 install luafilesystem                  (to build lfs.dll)

·         luarocks53 install luacom                              (to build

·         luarocks53 install md5                                    (to build des56.dll and md5\core.dll)


lfs.dll, des56.dll, and md5\core.dll all appear OK as far as I can see.  If I look at them in Dependencies (the app), they link to Lua53.dll and VCRUNTIME140.DLL.  But something is not right when I build luacom.dll.  For some reason, it shows in Dependencies linked to Lua5.1.dll and MSVCR80.dll.


I have tried all the variations I can think of but somehow luacom.dll always ends up linked to 5.1 and MSVCR80.dll.  Has anyone got any suggestions as to what I may be doing wrong?  I should add that I have never used LuaRocks before.