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I had a brief look at the Lua source code for the problem on which I
have some expertise, namely the digits-of-pi benchmark.

It uses a frontend to a Lua binding to GMP.

Sample function from that frontend:

local function checkf(obj)
assert(isf(obj), "gmp floating point expected")

local function checkfopt(obj)
assert(obj == nil or isf(obj), "gmp floating point expected")

function zmeta:add(a, res)
    local t = ntype(a)
    if t == "d" then
        return prv.mpz_add(self, dtoz(a), res)
    elseif t == "u" then
        return prv.mpz_add_ui(self, a, res)
    elseif t == "s" or t == "n" then
        return prv.mpz_sub_ui(self, -a, res)
    elseif t == "z" then
        return prv.mpz_add(self, a, res)
        error("unsupported type")

I.e. all debugging aids have been left in, and the rest of the code
shows every sign of having been translated thoughtlessly from C.

Frankly, that tells me more about the level of competence of the team
who conducted the study than about the languages involved.

-- Dirk

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