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Lua is a small language without a lot of dependencies by design.
The TCP/IP module for your platform can be easily found online.
Not every platform supported by Lua has a concept of file extension. In most cases, you can get it just by splitting filename by dot - the last substring is the extension.

Ilya Shchukin

On Mon, Apr 1, 2019, 8:57 PM z x <> wrote:

Hi  !

 I started a small project in your language Lua, and in the development of a lot of problems, I tried to solve them for everyone from, ending with the development of its similar methods/plugins in C# to solve a particular problem. 

The main problem - that is not present initially put TCP/IP stack, and very problem work with files (for example to receive the file extension "autorun" in a root it is necessary to write the plugin or to find already ready, in C# to receive file extension it is possible having called the Path method.GetExtension(); it will return a string with the file extension). There is also very little information and examples. 

 - Regards, Oleg