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Il giorno mer 20 feb 2019, 21:25 Egor Skriptunoff <> ha scritto:

The new syntax "local * toclose" is weird.
Of course, such syntax would be useful if other modifiers (words after asterisk) are expected to be introduced in future Lua versions.
Otherwise, more simple syntax for "to-be-closed" variables might be nicer.
   local n, str = 42, "abc"
   local * toclose cl = obj
Possible suggestions:
   local n, *cl, str = 42, obj, "abc"
   local n, (cl), str = 42, obj, "abc"
A pun: to mark a variable "to-be-closed", we make its name enclosed in parentheses.

-- Egor

I think we already have enough things to close, in any programming language. We close files, connections, blocks, scopes, transactions, ports, and so on.


please, please, please,

consider a less overloaded term. "Defer" is the first one that comes to my mind.