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Is there a community for Titan Lang anywhere? Discord/Slack/IRC or anything? Is Github the only place to follow the project? Same question for Terra. I *try* to follow both projects a bit.

On Tue, 12 Feb 2019 19:10:31 -0200
Hugo Musso Gualandi <> wrote:

> The one line summary is that Titan is scripted in Lua while Terra is
> metaprogrammed in Lua. In Titan, Lua acts as a scripting layer, calling
> (and being called by) Titan at run time. Meanwhile, Terra uses Lua at
> compilation time, as a powerful macro/template system.
> Titan is specially designed to interface well with Lua at run-time. Its
> type system is very similar to Lua's and it is garbage collected, just
> like Lua. Lua values can directly be passed to Titan functions. The
> motivation behind Titan is to make it easier to speed up Lua
> applications code. Some simple Lua programs can be directly converted
> to Titan by adding type annotations. In other cases, rewriting a Lua
> module in Titan is much easier to do than rewriting it in C.
> Terra, on the other hand, has a type system that is closer to C's than
> to Lua's. At run-time, calling Terra from Lua is similar to calling C
> from Lua. Terra uses a system similar to LuaJIT's FFI to automate the
> conversion between Lua and Terra values, but obviously you cannot pass
> a Lua table or function directly to Terra. You would need to use the
> traditional Lua–C API for that. Since Terra has a much more "C-like"
> semantics it is specially suited for high-performance computing. For
> example, it has builtin support for SIMD operators and the
> metaprogramming is very useful for implementing optimizations such as
> loop tiling[1].
> [1]