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I am writing a parser for a very simple configuration language. I know
that LPEG is designed for this purpose, but since it is a very simple
language, I would like to use the lua patterns only (please, do not
judge me :) ).

I have a working parser that acts on a single string, but now I would
like to extend it to get the input splitted among several chunks,
without waiting for the whole data unless it is necessary.

We consider, for example, the pattern
to match against the following input:
We suppose it is splitted in two chunks right in the middle.

On the first chunk the match fails. But it may match if I wait for
another chunk. How I can check for this? [1]

Obviously I can use another pattern. In the example, on a fail I can
just check ^[^{] to know if I need another chunk. But in this way,
each pattern in the application should be treated separately.

Is there a generic way to solve this issue? For example, if the lua
API exposed the point where the matching stops on failure, I could
easly know if I need to wait for another chunk. But that information
is not avaiable (I think)...


[1] And, just to be clear, I want to immediately stop the parsing in
other cases, e.g. when matchin against: