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Hello qtiuto !

Nice work, have you published it on playstore or have an apk for test it without need to build ?

Cheers !

On 14/01/2019 21:42, 奥斯陆君王 wrote:
To run ffi for lua 5.3 in Android, I add arm64 support for the luaffi
library, and fix its arm support. Anyone interested in it can open my
project page:
The project is cloned from the ravi ffi library
I add lua5.3 integer support for it also.
The dynasm tool is changed  to add data storage for arm and arm64.
The project is build by Android NDK, but I think it's easily built by
other build system referring to the raviffi library.
Some Android features are added to it when built by NDK.
  For more information, see