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Hello Pierre !

Thank you for reply !

It's a sad thing because it's a fine piece of software with supposedly working versions for several processors/OS that can be used to help learn/use high assembler/jit but it seems there is not enough people with interest/capabilities to take advantage of it.

Cheers !

On 04/01/2019 10:20, Pierre Chapuis wrote:
On Fri, Jan 4, 2019, at 10:01, Domingo Alvarez Duarte wrote:

Who is in charge of LuaJIT project now ?
The situation is not really clear.

There are companies using LuaJIT. Officially I think CloudFlare is maintaining it. In practice it does not seem to amount to much.

There are several forks which diverge more or less from LuaJIT. The most active one is probably RaptorJIT [1]. This fork [2] is also actively worked on.