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I've been tinkering lately with NeoLua and C#. NeoLua is an implementation of Lua based on the DotNet Dynamic Runtime. I've had good success with it so far.

Then just yesterday, Mr. Vinicius Jarina updated his KeraLua DotNet/Lua bindings to 5.3 (Happy New Year!). I was playing with that last night and the few things I tried worked quite well too. That started me wondering about how NeoLua performs compared to standard Lua. (The NLua C# API - also by Mr. Jarina - needs to be ported to the new KeraLua, then I could do a real "apples to apples" comparison.)

With all that said, I was hoping is that someone might have a battery of Lua scripts to test Lua performance? I'll write some of my own for simple things, but if someone has a test suite that targets performance sensitive aspects of Lua, I'd be interested in using those as well.

Happy New Year!