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It was thus said that the Great Dirk Laurie once stated:
> Op Ma. 17 Des. 2018 om 22:48 het Egor Skriptunoff
> >
> > BTW, fast googling showed that "upper dot/upper comma" are used as digit
> > groups separators (at least in handwriting) in some other countries:
> > Belgium, Italy, Romania, Switzerland, Mexico, Liechtenstein.
> >
> > In English-speaking countries a comma is used as separator, that's why
> > many people prefer something bottom-ish (such as underscore).
> Must it be an ASCII character? Why not Unicode/UTF8, as in 1 000 000?

  As a monolingual Yank [1] with a US keyboard, I don't know how to type  
but must resort to copy-n-paste (like I did just there).

  -spc (Also, can someone describe the symbol I just copied?  My current
	font doesn't have a glyph for that character ... )

[1]	aka. citizen of the United States of America