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On 2018-12-17 3:15 p.m., Andrew Gierth wrote:
"Soni" == Soni \"They/Them\" L <> writes:
  >> I'm not sure that helps. It certainly presents a problem of how to
  >> unwind the C stack safely, especially in the case where Lua code has
  >> called a C function that calls a Lua callback.

  Soni> where you'd use pcall/error you use coroutine.create+pcallk/yield
  Soni> instead. when it yields, throw it away, and you never(?) run the
  Soni> toclose that way.

But even that is a whole lot of extra bookkeeping - for example I would
then have to know, for each thread, whether it is inside a pcall()
(since in that case I really do still need to throw the error). It would
probably (I haven't worked it all out) also mean either disabling access
to coroutine.create from the Lua code, or wrapping it in order to keep
track of new threads.

Take a look at ComputerCraft and OpenComputers some day. They do exactly that.