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On Mon, Dec 17, 2018 at 12:59 AM Peter Hickman wrote:
1) The ` character is pretty much invisible and almost identical to ' depending on your font

Both are used in Linux shell, and nobody complains about that.
But yes, this might be a problem if you're writing Lua programs in MS Word using proportional font :-)

2) Interleaving```mary```text```had```you```a```should```little```not```lamb```read```it's```makes```fleece```reading```was```the```white```text```as```much```snow```more```and```difficult

It is almost as if you wanted to introduce a syntax change to make creating bugs easier :)

This problem does not specific to my suggestion.
It's up to the programmer to make source text easy readable or obfuscated.
Good coding style would probably imply writing each term on separate line:
Moreover, these sequences of words (language statements) are from different languages (left one from Lua, right one from the extension)