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Or "lj" / "ljs" : LJuascript / LuJascript
Or "jl" / "jul" : JulaScript / Juliascript
And why keeping "Script" in the full name ? There's lot of beautiful radicals containing a "j" and "ua" vowels.

"Julia" however is taken for another language (used for scientific data, and interfaced with other languages like _javascript_, Lua, Python, Perl, Ruby, R, C, Lisp, Scheme, Fortran, Mathematica, MATLAB...), and it uses the ".jl" extension. It's released with GPL2 and MIT licences. Part of its library is written in Julia itself, the core is written in C, the parser is written in Scheme, its compiler uses the LLVM assembler for its JIT, and some OS integration libraries are in C, and its data intensive computing library (linear algebra on large vectors/matrixes/tensors or statistic distributions) is currently implemented in Fortran (which is still more efficient than current implementations using C/C++ generic libraries). I don't know if it can use massive parallization using GPUs and/or distributed computing.

Le mar. 11 déc. 2018 à 22:57, Jim <> a écrit :
On 12/11/18, Domingo Alvarez Duarte <> wrote:
> Thank you for reporting it, today is hard to find a not used name for a project.

maybe you could rename it to just "ls": LuvaScript