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Hello Sam !

Thanks for reply !

I've contacted the author of Killa and he replied that he is now busy working with C++ and has no time to or incentives to work on Killa.

In my point of view the Killa's author did a great job analyzing the Lua vm and made it zero index based.

Even as I used some of his code in LJS/LJSJIT I did several bug fixes because that code do not work in several cases, I adapted the test from Lua to help detect regressions, I have decided to mantain Lua vm compatibility and one based index to allow me try port several well coded projects and check that my changes behave as expected, like , I also added a compiler warning/error for duplicated variables declaration shadowing/scope dup.

Also I'm applying the syntax over Luajit-2.1/Luajit-2.0.5/lua-5.1/lua-5.2/lua-5.3/lua-5.4 with varying degree of success so far.

Converting luajit lua files I found some bugs that I'm reporting to luajit (thanks for compiler warnings about shadowing variables).

Again I hope I could  explain my reasons to go forward with my own project LJS/LJSJIT instead of join abandoned projects.

Thanks again for your time and attention !

On 10/12/2018 23:00, Sam Pagenkopf wrote:
A little confused about these syntax choices, especially with :: ->

What separates ljs from killa? Why didn't you fork killa rather than copy-pasting its code?

On Wed, Dec 5, 2018 at 6:09 AM Domingo Alvarez Duarte <> wrote:
Hello !

I'm trying to create an alternative lua/luajit with _javascript_ like syntax:

Right now it is lua compatible with a _javascript_ like syntax with
compound/pre/pos increment opertors and "exp ? exp_true : exp_false".

It got code and inspiration from:

and others.

It has a transpiler lua2ljs that can convert most lua to working ljs.

I'm now trying to add a "switch" statement and after that a "class"

I would welcome any contribution/critic/review/idea to improve it.

Cheers !