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I was trying to set the browser a default I am using windows 7 starter and when I go to the section to change the default browser I only get the option for windows IE 11. when i did the install it never asked me if I wanted to make the browser default.
I would like to do that the browser is a good one and I hope to continue to see it developed.

I would like to see a way that it could without making the browser use more system resources have a update feature and you could either pick to update to the new stable release or the beta.

Is there a way to make the browser use less hardware and still be current for websites. If its not already doing that.

Could you update the visuals of the browser while using as little resources and hardware as possible.

If this web browser keep getting better while using as little recourse as possible and not needing as much hardware I could see it overtake the big players in browsers in the next 5 years.