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There are actually three clusters:

1. Those who use Lua as it is.
2. Those who dream about Lua as it might be.
3. Those who argue for argument's sake.

No split of clusters #1 and #2 is going to deter cluster #3.

Lists 2 and 3 should be made digest only. This would mean that:

a. The built-in time delay would have an automatic moderating effect.

b. Members would automatically have to supply a 'proof of work' in that they would have to work out how to decrypt the messages courtesy of that decades old bug in the list software! Also perhaps 'proof of intelligence'?

This should weed out the armchair language designers (including, I admit, me!). I'm only still here because I'm too damn lazy to work out how to cancel my subscription! I've still not worked out which is more meaningless - the random blocks of ASCII in the message digests or yet another thread about nil in tables!