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hi there! :)

ive started with pil just as well, but maybe others can give you
anything better or friendlier for beginners, but pil is kinda much
popular, but anyway, check out here the 1st chapter:

you can buy a newer version of pil (than what you can find on
for newer versions of lua, however you can follow up differences
between versions here:

the refman is the best resource after youve already got the basics
(maybe even before, its so much enlightening, and (one of?) the best
refman(s) ive ever seen): (or whichever version you are using)

for learning userdata others can give anything better than i could,
cuz i use luajit (check it out! :) where is an ffi that can give
anything that userdata can give.
if you want newer features from lua than what 5.1 have* or want to
embed or modify lua, then maybe the original (puc) lua is what you
want, but otherwise luajit can be a very adorable tool for you. mainly
cuz of its speed, however there are more to discover there, and for
getting the best of its huge power, there are some differences in
coding habits, but anything that runs under puc lua 5.1 that will run
under luajit just as well...
[*]: luajit have some partial forward compatibility options that are
needed to be enabled in compilation time if you wanna use those.

look around on and they are well organized, and
they are great entrances for kinda much anything you can wish for. lua
is minimalist as a language (basically its tools are limited to c99),
but you can find kinda much anything in external modules.

a nice ide, that can help you much:

and dont forget to read always the mailing list, there are so much
great ppl and their great stuffs all around here, theres always much
that one can learn here! :)

good luck, all the bests, and have fun around, cuz you are on the
right place! :D