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[Ravi-Distro]( aims to
be a small and focused distribution of Lua 5.3 ( and Ravi
5.3 ( I am please to
announce the new 0.4 alpha release. In this release binary
distributions of Ravi and Lua 5.3 for Windows 64-bit are provided. The
packages included in this release are:

* lua 5.3.5 (updated!)
* Ravi with OMR JIT backend (new JIT backend!)
* luafilesystem
* luasocket
* lpeglabel
* torch7
* torch7-nn
* torch7-optim
* torch7-autograd (new!)
* torch7-cephes
* penlight
* moses
* lua-cjson
* luaffi
* libuv (new!)
* nj (JIT engine based on Eclipse OMR) (new!)

New in this this release is also a beginning towards creating unified
Documentation for the distribution. Please visit:

Please visit the release page below for further information.

I would appreciate any feedback you can provide.

Thanks and Regards