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I hear the phrase "Duck Typing", in what I guess may be a
dismissive description of Lua's type system and possibly
a mysterious reference to "Duct Tape". But you can always
try to add typing to your own code, even if you cannot
enforce it in other's. For abstract datatypes with
constructors, I suggest

tag = function (t) return function (v)
      return { tag = t, value = v } end end

switch = function (case) return function (obj)
       return case[obj.tag] (obj.value) end end

and dually for structs with destructors, e.g.
for lazy streams

get = \ (stream)
      local v = stream.value
      stream.value = stream.update (v)
      return v, stream

I would be interested to see examples of how to fake
types, type classes, and other such concepts within
Lua. And meanwhile, what about the etymological origins
of "Duck Typing"?
Gavin Wraith (
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