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>>>>> "Hisham" == Hisham  <> writes:

 >> This is a symptom of the makefile requiring GNU Make, which defines
 >> $(CURDIR), while BSD make does not.

 Hisham> If you happen to know a portable alternative that works in
 Hisham> both, I'll be happy to change it!

To my knowledge the only portable way is to use relative paths. Relying
on GNU Make is not a particularly big deal - lots of software does it,
so to a freebsd porter it's just a matter of adding USES+= gmake to the
port; however you should be aware of the restriction and document it.

On the subject of Makefile style, it's extremely bad form to use
straight mkdir, cp, etc. to install files; use $(INSTALL_BIN),
$(INSTALL_DATA) and so on. Also having the install target actually
construct files (rather than constructing the files in the build phase
and having the install just copy them) is also bad style.

(More serious is the showstopper bug in fs_lua._unix_rwx_to_number that
I just opened an issue for.)