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On 23 July 2018 at 07:17, Thijs Schreijer <> wrote:
>> On 22 Jul 2018, at 11:27, Pierre Chapuis <> wrote:
>> On Sat, Jul 21, 2018, at 03:32, Daurnimator wrote:
>>> Congratulations on the release!
>>> I know how long this has been in progress.
>> Let me join you here, this is fantastic.
>> I remember we were already talking about LuaRocks 3 at the 2013 Workshop (!) so yes, this is a long awaited release. Congrats to Hisham and all the contributors on shipping it.
>> --
>> Pierre Chapuis
> Congrats Hisham!
> I actually wanted to mention that I didn’t recall as far back as 2013, but did from the workshop in Toulouse. Looking that up: 2013 was Toulouse… duh… :)

Yeah, a little thing called a "PhD" happened in between. :D

But jokes aside, "LuaRocks 3" for a long time was a codeword for "this
feature you're asking for would require breaking rockspec
compatibility". Anyway, looking forward we should have a healthier
development process. LuaRocks is now a more collective organization,
we've been on Google Summer of Code as an org for 2 years in a row
now, and the idea is to keep evolving the tool to match users

Thank you all for the kind words regarding the release! It's really appreciated.

-- Hisham