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I've updated my interval arithmetic library for Lua to use fi_lib,
which is small and simple to build:

linterval is available at

Checksum and other data available at

The test includes an implicit region plotter, which is fun. If you're
interested in interval methods, check out the interactive LÖVE demos at

This release is self-contained: it contains the required fi_lib source
files. It also sports a simplified Makefile with targets for macosx
and linux with -fPIC (which some people will appreciate!). I plan to
update my other libraries to use the same scheme.

Like all my code, linterval is in the public domain.
Enjoy. All feedback welcome.

interval library:
 __add(x,y)              contained(x,y)          log1p(x)
 __div(x,y)              contains(x,t)           log2(x)
 __eq(x,y)               cos(x)                  meet(x,y)
 __le(x,y)               cosh(x)                 mid(x)
 __lt(x,y)               cot(x)                  mul(x,y)
 __mul(x,y)              coth(x)                 neg(x)
 __pow(x,n)              diam(x)                 new(a,b,[outward])
 __sub(x,y)              disjoint(x,y)           pow(x,n)
 __tostring(x)           div(x,y)                sin(x)
 __unm(x)                erf(x)                  sinh(x)
 abs(x)                  erfc(x)                 sqr(x)
 acos(x)                 exp(x)                  sqrt(x)
 acosh(x)                exp10(x)                sub(x,y)
 acot(x)                 exp2(x)                 sup(x)
 acoth(x)                expm1(x)                tan(x)
 add(x,y)                extremes(x)             tanh(x)
 asin(x)                 inf(x)                  tostring(x)
 asinh(x)                join(x,y)               version
 atan(x)                 log(x)
 atanh(x)                log10(x)