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> I don't believe it is technically possible to implement deterministic
> cleanup of objects in Lua. I think the main issue is Lua's approach of
> throwing exceptions using longjmp. As far as I know, you need
> systematic stack unwinding in order to implement something like this -
> and that would be impossible to do while keeping Lua's primary design
> criteria - to be small and portable.
> If you have a technical solution that works - or if anyone else has -
> would be happy to be corrected.

We do. All this has been discussed some time ago; see [1].
(BTW, you brought the same issue to that thread, and you got the
answer there :-)

However, a main issue of any "deterministic cleanup" in Lua is its
interaction with coroutines. A coroutine can enter a block and never
leave it.


-- Roberto