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Lorenzo Donati <>于2018年7月10日周二下午9:30写道:
I know my view is a bit "western-centric" (or "latin-centrinc") and
people speaking languages who need thousands of symbols to be written
might think differently (especially Asian languages).

Anyway I'm curious to know how, say, Chinese programmers view the thing.
Would they find coding more "easy" if they could write programs using
ideograms or do they think using transliteration of their words in a
Latin alphabet. 

As a Chinese programmer, I hate none standard ascii space character. U+3000 is another space for Asian languages, It's a common typo to use U+3000 in code when you are using Chinese input method. So I always set my editor to highlight none-ascii spaces, and use special color to distinguish tab/space/lf/cr .

Using Chinese words in coding would be more trouble than it's worth, if we can't find proper English word for variable/function name, we can use pinyin ( instead .

btw, I don't like using none-ascii characters in filename, too, because of Windows. I agree it's a nightmare.