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On 09/07/2018 19:09, Albert Chan wrote:

I remember when I was learning programming for the first time in my life (self-learning, with the Italian reference manual of a 2nd hand TI99/4a home computer): they stressed out the importance to avoid using visually-ambiguous identifiers, because some characters could be mistaken (i.e. '1' with 'l', 'o' with 'O' and with '0').

-- Lorenzo

My bank once send me a password, that look like a number.
After many unsucessfully logins (then block any more attempts),
I had to call them to fix it.

Even they cannot login !

Finally I suggest just cut + paste it to the password field, and it work !
Reason ? the "number" is mixed *only* with I O !!!

Now, I write number 0 with a slash in it, 1 with exaggerated slant.

And, I never use O, I as variable name (lowercase ok)


ICT departments young (and not so young) players still do all the same errors over and over again. :-(

BTW, non-breaking "fake" space in filename is a bad idea.

I dare say also "normal" space (0x20) is somewhat evil (I use underscore almost religiously even for non-sw development files names).

Modern OS are supposed to handle spaces well, but I always find some obscure tool or program (more often scripts) whose programmer forgot to quote an argument somewhere in his code. And almost magically an innocent file cannot be opened in a subtle corner case just because its name contains spaces!