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Someone has already integrated LuaRocks into a custom, isolated and protected Lua environment (sandbox)?

I have a RPG online software which the users can make plugins written in Lua, which:
1 - Each plugin is self contained in a single zip file
2 - Each loaded plugin have its own Lua State Instance
3 - Each plugin have its own isolated system directory and they can only access that folder. They do not have full access of the host File System.
4 - The same compiled plugin zip-file can be installed on Windows, macOS, Android and iOS without changes and recompilation.

I am studying in the possibility of integrating pure-lua LuaRocks modules in this customized enviroment. Have someone did this before?

I am wondering a good way to embed LuaRocks modules in this compiled single-zip plugin so the users of software could program plugins with the avaliable LuaRocks pure-lua modules.

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